The domain, the terroir, the men

History of the domain

moines Grandmontains
In France, if the wine is a religion is that it has long been the case of the religious.

The Château de Grandmont is no exception to the rule. The founders of Grandmont Château are Grandmontains monks whose order dates back to the twelfth century. The order is gone but a facade and a fresco in a room adjoining the Priory of cellars, recalls that time.
Prieuré de Grandmont The order of Grandmont was created by Etienne de Muret and had the foundation : Poverty, loneliness and prayers. The foundation of the Priory of Grandmont is assigned Guichard IV to XII centuries.

The order was suppressed by Louis XV in 1769, later the religious order was forgotten .

Quote end of Grandmontains texts : "we will not do any pure wine brothers likely to make him tord.Celui who distributes not draw too much or little, as it could sin in both cases."
Jean Brac de la Perrière
The love story between family Brac de la Perrière and vineyard dates back to 1603. Throughout these four centuries, the family has cultivated the vineyards of Beaujolais father to son.

Jean Brac de la Perrière today continues the tradition by being the owner of Château de Grandmont area .

The terroir

Les chais du Château de Grandmont Château de Grandmont The cellars are located in the heart of Blacé but the Beaujolais vineyards are cultivated by our team at three sites . Our production extends all Land 13.5 hectares

In Blacé : 9.5 hectares surrounding the castle are classified as AOC Beaujolais-Villages red, Chardonnay for white and rosé Beaujolais. These vines are located at an altitude of 300 meters, with a south southwest exposure on a clay and limestone soil where we note the presence of granitic rocks.
Verres In Villié-Morgon : 1 hectare in the heart of the appellation Morgon AOC (the heart of the AOC Morgon), on the schist and sought trays of climate Corcelette ,

In Saint -Lager : 3 hectares in AOC Brouilly, we drive in Organic Farming labeled AB since 2013, located at the foot of the hill of Brouilly on beautiful exposed South Land Is on clay and granite soil in the heart of the village around Pave the castle.
Cépage Gamay noir As everywhere in Beaujolais , the grape is Gamay black with white juice for red and rosé wines and Chardonnay for whites.

The area cultivated , vinified, student and puts bottles of Morgon, Brouilly organic white and red Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Rosé.

The Beaujolais

Le vignoble du Beaujolais
Le Beaujolais - which owes its name to the lords of Beaujeu - extends over a length of 55 km and a width of 12-15 km in the Rhône , South of Macon in northern Lyon.Deux only grape varieties are allowed: black Gamay with white juice and Chardonnay for white wines .

It is the southernmost region of Burgundy. The lands of the north, granite and slate , give a quality wine that willingly keep several years. The southern land, clay and limestone , are the domain of Beaujolais Nouveau and Beaujolais whites.
12 appellations différentes In all, there are 12 different names including the 10 most famous wines are Brouilly, Morgon , Moulin wind at the Saint-Amour ... .these wines will develop extraordinary flavors to those who wait : no fewer one year after bottling, with a highlight from 3/4 years.

But you can also taste these wines in the year following their production they then develop aromas of fresh fruit and crisp.

Men and know-how

Three men play a vital role in the field of wines of Château de Grandmont

Jean Brac de la Perrière

Jean Brac de la Perrière

Owner-grower , it continues a tradition almost as old as the vineyard itself . The more the mark of a family is proof of a quality requirement . In a constant search for improvement , he can invest to qualify present taste high quality wines that have retained their local flavors. Committed, he began his laconversion bio Bio area.The Brouilly is the first vintage totally organic , others are already farming .

Laurent Santallier

Laurent Santallier

COO from a family of winemakers, is a native son who listens vineyards and accompanying ownership in its development while respecting the rules of traditional winemaking. Throughout the year, he is assisted in the vineyards by Sébastien Fabre and a team of seasonal at harvest time.

Christopher Piper

Christopher Piper

British wine expert, he knew the Beaujolais when he was 18. Since then, was a renowned oenologist specializing in Beaujolais and opinion is recognized. Centerpiece of our search quality, develops and participates in the assemblies of the wines of Château de Grandmont .

Each year, all these efforts are rewarded by getting medals and specialized press notes confirming the direction that John Brac de la Perriere caught his team .


Three elements are the wines of Château de Grandmont Beaujolais exception.

9 hectares
  • First, 9 hectares in one piece in Beaujolais-Villages but also hectare Morgon and Brouilly 3 hectares . They ensure the vines seamless homogeneity , consistency in quality guarantee.
vinification traditionnelle
  • Then, the average age of the vines: 45 years. This is the assurance of a wine that will continue to give the best of himself over the years .
  • Finally, the traditional winemaking practiced by the owners. Harvesters owners who are your own partner and are confident and proud of their wines: an irreplaceable guarantee of confidence

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